Digital Marketing Features

Synergy 8 has helped businesses all over the world achieve a higher return on digital marketing. Reach your audience with personalised, spam-proofed messages by e-mail, SMS and social media.

You can send targeted messages to certain customer groups based on their location, sales data, form submissions and much, much more.

Our digital marketing tools are integrated seamlessly with your website, CRM and accounting software to reduce time spent exporting and importing databases, and we provide all the tools needed to analyze and improve your messages.

E-mail Marketing Made Easy

Type your e-mail message straight onto the page. Upload attachments and images, then use our drag-and-drop interface to place them. Drag and drop special tags such as 'First Name' and 'Last Name' to personalize the message.

SMS Marketing & Notifications

Send SMS marketing campaigns or notifications to your customers straight from the dashboard. Automatically capture customer replies and handle opt-outs.

Post to Social Networks

Save time by posting to social networks straight from the dashboard, you can even post to multiple social networks at once.

Pre-Send E-mail Spam Analysis

Synergy 8 scans your e-mail message to notify you whether your message will get caught in spam filters. Adjust your wording and ensure your message reaches your customers.

Target Your Messages

Your e-mail and SMS messages can be sent to a very specific audience, so messages will be easier to write and more effective. For instance, you can send to all members in a certain group, who completed a form and bought a specific product, within the last year and within a specific postcode range.

Unsubscribe & Bounce Management

Members can opt-out of e-mails through a simple link, and SMS marketing by sending an opt-out reply. Synergy 8 prompts for a reason as to why users are un-subscribing from e-mail and you can view replies to SMS messages. This provides a good insight into why your users may be opting out.

Detailed Statistics & Reporting

See detailed statistics on who opened your e-mail message or clicked a link, in addition to e-mail addresses which bounced or unsubscribed. Each hyperlink in your e-mail is tracked individually, so you can produce a list of the members who have clicked a specific link in your message.

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