Auto-Logout and Redirect After Submission

Auto-Logout and Redirect After Submission

Useful for in-store forms where a PC terminal or iPad is shared for electronic data capture.  Users are not kept logged in and they are redirected back to the form for subsequent submissions.

Possible applications are:

  • In-store electronic feedback form at point of sale
  • Electronic competition form on an iPad at a tradeshow
  • Electronic form to join a birthday club
  • Any other type of registration form.

The Form

Create a new page to hold the form.  You will likely want to create this at a location like /forms/competition/ or /forms/feedback/.  And set the pages to be "Hidden in Navigation" and "Hidden in Sitemap".

In the form, you must have the following attributes set:

  • id="feedback_form"    Set a unique ID to identify this form from others
  • contactmode="store"    To register the user into the database
  • recordsubmissions="true"    To record a copy of the submission under Content > Pages > Forms.
  • onsubmitredirect="/forms/feedback/success/"    To redirect the user to the success page


The Success Page

The success page must have the following:

In the "Page Source", redirect back to the form.  You can update the timeout and redirect URL.

In the PHP "Server Code", auto-logout the user.

Other Optimisations

  1. You may wish to consider using a different or mobile design to ensure the data entry form is minimalistic and mobile compatible.
  2. Ensure their consent is obtained for marketing.
  3. Ensure there is a link to your Privacy Policy and ensure their consent is obtained for marketing.
  4. Consider capturing the users birthday if you are using automated marketing on users birthdays.
  5. Consider using techniques to lock the browser or iPad down to your web pages.

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