The PLAINTEXT method does not provide any security protection and SHOULD only be used

over a secure channel such as HTTPS. It does not use the Signature Base String.
- Chapter 9.4 ("PLAINTEXT")

Class Methods

The following methods can be invoked on instances of this class.


buildSignature(mixed pRequest, mixed pConsumer, mixed strToken)

oauth_signature is set to the concatenated encoded values of the Consumer Secret and
Token Secret, separated by a '&' character (ASCII code 38), even if either secret is empty. The result MUST be encoded again. - Chapter 9.4.1 ("Generating Signatures") Please note that the second encoding MUST NOT happen in the SignatureMethod, as OAuthRequest handles this!

checkSignature(mixed pRequest, mixed pConsumer, mixed strToken, string strSignature)

Verifies that a given signature is correct