Class Methods

The following methods can be invoked on instances of this class.

__construct(mixed pDataStore)

addSignatureMethod(mixed pSignatureMethod)

fetchRequestToken(mixed pRequest)

process a request_token request
returns the request token on success

fetchAccessToken(mixed pRequest)

process an access_token request
returns the access token on success

verifyRequest(mixed pRequest)

verify an api call, checks all the parameters

getVersion(mixed pRequest)

version 1

getSignatureMethod(mixed pRequest)

figure out the signature with some defaults

getConsumer(mixed pRequest)

try to find the consumer for the provided request's consumer key

getToken(mixed pRequest, mixed pConsumer, mixed strTokenType)

try to find the token for the provided request's token key

checkSignature(mixed pRequest, mixed pConsumer, mixed strToken)

all-in-one function to check the signature on a request
should guess the signature method appropriately

checkTimestamp(mixed iTimeStamp)

check that the timestamp is new enough

checkNonce(mixed pConsumer, mixed strToken, mixed iNonce, mixed iTimeStamp)

check that the nonce is not repeated