XML Feed

Class Methods

The following methods can be invoked on instances of this class.

__construct(mixed strVersion, mixed strEncoding)


Returns the date time format of the feed

fieldAddDate(mixed pParentNode, mixed strDateFieldName, string strDateTime)

Adds a date field to a specific node

fieldSetValue(mixed pParentNode, mixed strChildNodeTag, mixed strChildNodeValue, bool bProtect)

Sets the value of a (unique) field within an element

fieldFind(mixed pNode, unknown_type strTagName)

Finds a (unique) field within an element

prepareProtectedString(string strString)

Prepares a string which has to be protected and inserted within a CDATA tag


Called before render, allows for last minute modifications of the XML before rendering


Renders the feed

getFeedHeadLinkIsInjectedFor(string strComponent)

Determines if the feed has been injected for a specific component name
i.e.: 'news' or 'products'

forceFileDownload(string strFileName)

Sets the HTTP headers in order to force a download of the feed

injectFeedHeadLink(mixed strFeedUrlPart, string strFeedTitle)

Injects the link of a feed within the doc <head>
Specify feed url parts like this: /news/rss/ or /products/atom/?product_category_id=xx , etc.

createElement(mixed tagName, mixed value)


createTextNode(mixed data)

createComment(mixed data)

createCDATASection(mixed data)

createProcessingInstruction(mixed target, mixed data)

createAttribute(mixed name)

createEntityReference(mixed name)

getElementsByTagName(mixed tagName)

importNode(mixed importedNode, mixed deep)

createElementNS(mixed namespaceURI, mixed qualifiedName, mixed value)

createAttributeNS(mixed namespaceURI, mixed qualifiedName)

getElementsByTagNameNS(mixed namespaceURI, mixed localName)

getElementById(mixed elementId)

adoptNode(mixed source)


renameNode(mixed node, mixed namespaceURI, mixed qualifiedName)

load(mixed source, mixed options)

save(mixed file)

loadXML(mixed source, mixed options)

saveXML(mixed node)


xinclude(mixed options)

loadHTML(mixed source, mixed options)

loadHTMLFile(mixed source, mixed options)


saveHTMLFile(mixed file)

schemaValidate(mixed filename)

schemaValidateSource(mixed source)

relaxNGValidate(mixed filename)

relaxNGValidateSource(mixed source)

registerNodeClass(mixed baseClass, mixed extendedClass)

insertBefore(mixed newChild, mixed refChild)

replaceChild(mixed newChild, mixed oldChild)

removeChild(mixed oldChild)

appendChild(mixed newChild)


cloneNode(mixed deep)


isSupported(mixed feature, mixed version)


compareDocumentPosition(mixed other)

isSameNode(mixed other)

lookupPrefix(mixed namespaceURI)

isDefaultNamespace(mixed namespaceURI)

lookupNamespaceUri(mixed prefix)

isEqualNode(mixed arg)

getFeature(mixed feature, mixed version)

setUserData(mixed key, mixed data, mixed handler)

getUserData(mixed key)



C14N(mixed exclusive, mixed with_comments, mixed xpath, mixed ns_prefixes)

C14NFile(mixed uri, mixed exclusive, mixed with_comments, mixed xpath, mixed ns_prefixes)