Audio Player <ss:standard:audio>
HTML 5 MP3 audio player.

Button <ss:standard:button>
Creates a button widget.

Context Menu <ss:standard:contextmenu>
Creates a menu which can be right clicked on, or dropped down from the right.

Context Menu Item <ss:standard:contextmenuitem>
Defines an item for a parent context menu.

Embed Code <ss:standard:embed>

Flash <ss:standard:flash>
Provides a nice way to cross-browser embed a flash object, with player detection.


Inline Frame <ss:standard:iframe>
Creates an iframe which can have the tags contents rendered.

Embed Code <ss:standard:icon>

Image <ss:standard:image>


Label <ss:standard:label>
Creates a span used for labelling things.

Link <ss:standard:link>
Places a hyperlink that can execute a specific onclick function

Panel <ss:standard:panel>
Creates a div.

Progress Bar <ss:standard:progressbar>
Creates a progress bar.

Script <ss:standard:script>
A more powerful version of the script tag.

Timer <ss:standard:timer>
Creates an object which fires an onTick event.

Tool Tip <ss:standard:tooltip>
Creates a tooltip / speech bubble.

Video <ss:standard:video>
Creates a HTML 5 video player with flash fallback.