Dependency <ss:logic:dependency>
Defines a region to be toggled on or off depending on whether or not a component is

Parse <ss:logic:parse>
Parses a block of text/HTML for controls and script.

Catch <ss:logic:catch>
The catch part of a try/catch statement

If <ss:logic:if>
Defines a region which will show only if the supplied test evaluates to true.

Else <ss:logic:else>
Defines an alternate region to show when a If test fails. You can supply additional tests
on the Else tags.

Include <ss:logic:include>
Includes the contents of a page at the position of this control.

Try <ss:logic:try>
The try part of a try/catch statement

Template <ss:logic:template>
Includes a design template.

Variable <ss:logic:variable>
Sets a variable in the parser. After defining the variable as="somevar", you can use it as