Calendar <ss:data:calendar>
Creates a jQuery FullCalendar widget which can be used for displaying events over a
period of time.

Chart <ss:data:chart>

Chart Data Part <ss:data:chartdatapart>
Defines a data set for a parent chart.

Column <ss:data:column>
Defines a column for a parent data control, such as a Tree or Table.

Data Row <ss:#datarow>
Defines a custom data row to be appended to a data control. You cannot use this in HTML

Diagram <ss:data:diagram>

Pager <ss:data:pager>
Enables pagination for a data control.

Random <ss:data:random>
Selects and displays a random element from a data source.

Repeater <ss:data:repeater>
Repeaters are similar to a foreach loop.
Allows iteration over a set of data, rendering HTML.

Table <ss:data:table>
Builds a HTML table from a data set.

Tree <ss:data:tree>
Builds a tree widget from a recursive data source.