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About Synergy 8

The vision for Synergy 8 is to create a platform for small and medium sized enterprises to build and manage their entire digital marketing presence without any prior skills or knowledge. Many clients are now reaping the rewards of our significant investment into the development of the ultimate website management application.

Based in Brisbane Australia, Synergy 8 offers clients, located anywhere in the world, a total solution to their immediate and future digital marketing needs. The Synergy 8 solution includes web hosting, content management, email marketing, on-line sales and membership management for one low monthly investment. This all-in-one solution enables our clients to simplify their approach to the Internet and concentrate on the most important aspects - building a strong customer database, increasing website traffic and selling more products and services.

Synergy 8 is a product of Synergy Eight Pty Ltd under license from Synergy Platform Pty Ltd. We are bootstrap funded with no long-term external creditors. We have been around and will be around.

Synergy Eight Pty Ltd is accredited under the QAssure program of the Chamber of Commerce Queensland (CCIQ).  QAssure Number: 12880.

Synergy Eight Pty Ltd is an approved Government supplier accredited under the Government Information Technology Conditions (GITC) v5 framework.  GITC Number: Q-5858.

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