Website Comments

Say hello to the latest addition to the Synergy 8 app suite, and a great way to encourage customer feedback on your posts and pages.

Here's a quick rundown of how the new comments add-on operates;

1. Easy Setup

A configuration page allows you to easily specify the pages on your website where comments will be enabled / disabled. No web design alterations required!

2. Moderate and approve comments

To ensure that your comments are well moderated and appropriate, you can opt to only display comments on the website that have been approved by your admin team. Comment moderation and alteration is made easy through a new dedicated moderation page in your website dashboard.

3. Grow your contact database

Comments on your posts and pages will add a new contact record, helping to grow your contact database. You'll also see comments in contact activity feeds, helping you better understand how you're customers are interacting with your online presence.

4. It's free

The new website comment add-on is totally free and can be easily enabled through your Synergy 8 dashboard.

Click here to view the setup guide.

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